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In all our programs, the learning environment simulates the flow of a studio by teaching you to think and react as part of a production team. Through classroom teaching sessions, assignments and experienced professional's instruction will develop your skill that requires to get the job in the relative industries. Please follow our courses below in detail.

3D computer animation Visual Effects(Vfx) & Modeling & Game[AVMG]

Diploma(CAVE)- 1 year

Advance Diploma(AV)- 2 years

Advance Diploma PLUS(MG)

-3 years

Major Topics

Concept art and storyboarding

Introduction to Computer Graphics Imagery(CGI)

Film Editing & Sound

Motion graphics & Visual Effects(vfx)

3D modeling & Digital sculpting with MAYA, texturing, lighting,paint effects, special effects, simulation & dynamics character rigging & animation.

Specialization in 3D Character Animation

Specialization in Visual Effects(VFX)& Compositing

Specialization in 3D Modeling

Specialization 3D Game & AR/VR Design

Final Project

Softwares:- Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, audition, After Effects, Image Warping and Morphing,Mocha Pro,Zbrush,Character Animation tools, Substance Painter Nuke, PFtrack,Unity & 3ds Max

Film editing & VFX

Certificate level- 4 months


Without film/video editors, movies would last for days, television shows would be completely incoherent, and music videos would look like they were filmed in your parents’ garage. You can’t just take the raw footage from a film shoot, mash it all together and then release it upon the world. Indeed, skilled and experienced film/video editors are required during every single post-production process.Visual Editing, Croma, Green/Blue Screening, wire removal, film titlling, Motion graphics, LOGO animation, V-Blog editing and many more Visual effects essentials will be taught in this course.

Softwares:-Adobe Photoshop,Premiere , Audition, After Effects,Trapcode

2D cartoon animation

Diploma- 1 years


2D drawn animation consists of a series of images which the animator draws on special paper. Each image represents one stage of a movement, for example, of a character walking or smiling. Traditionally the images are traced onto film and coloured. Scenery is then added by layering sheets of film. Increasingly, however, the images are scanned into a computer and coloured using specialist software. When viewed at speed and in sequence the images appear to move. In 2D computer animation, the animator works with a specialist software package which is used to create and animate characters, and add scenery and a soundtrack.

Softwares:- Art & Drawing, 12 Principles of Animation, Adobe Photoshop,ToonBoom

Photo editing

- 1 month


Photo editors work for newspapers, magazines, websites, and other publications. They are in charge of coordinating photo assignments by selecting, editing, and positioning photos, and publishing images in print publications and on the web. Photo editing is a dynamic job that requires excellent visual, communication, and organizational skills, as well as a strong adherence to deadlines.

Softwares:- Adobe Photoshop, LightRoom, Photography

Welcome to animation world 3d character Digital painting for VFX 3d Game Character 1st animation school since 2005

Multimedia Technology[MT]

Diploma- 1 years

Advance Diploma- 2 years

Major Topics

Art and Drawing

Graphic Designing

Film Editing & Sound

Visual Effects & Motion graphics

Web Designing & Hosting

2D animation

3D animation  Autodesk MAYA/Max

Final Project

Softwares:- Autodesk Maya/3Ds Max, Adobe  Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, After Effects, Image Warping and Morphing, Mocha Pro, Adobe animate

Graphics Design

Duration- 3 months


Graphic designers create visual communications seen every day, every minute, across the globe. Designers develop entertainment, advertising, news and features in all forms, including print publications (magazines, newspapers and brochures) and digital and broadcast media such as game machines, television, web browsers, social platforms and portable devices. As technology continually develops in complexity, so too grow the duties and skills of graphic designers.

Softwares:- Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator, Indesign,Typography,Photography

Visual Effects

Diploma level- 1 year


A visual effects animator is the individual responsible for inserting special effects into films; effects that cannot be added during live action shooting. A great example is when the green screen is used during shots of actors in a studio, and an exciting background is added later. These professionals may even create entire characters through computer software programs and integrate them into the film, even allowing them to interact with live action characters. They work to increase the realism and excitement of television shows, films, commercials and other projects.

Softwares:- Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects,Image Warping and Morphing, Trapcode,Element 3D, Mocha Pro,Foundry Nuke, PFtrack, Digital Painting , Matte Painting, Compositing

motion graphics

Diploma level- 6 months


Motion graphics design is a subset of graphic design, taken to the next level, in that designers adopt graphic design principles in video and film production and apply animation techniques. Designers are typically trained in traditional graphic design, but have learned to incorporate elements of sound, space, and time into their design repertoire. For instance, mixing text and motion to express an idea or concept using video animation. Examples may include the opening storyline of the movie Star Wars, or the spinning logos of some television channels.

Softwares:- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Element 3D,Trapcode, Cinema 4D

Certified Courses

Autodesk, Adobe, ToonBoom, Oracle, Java, Android &iOS, PMP, Prince2, ITIL, AWS, RedHat,MicroSoft,IBM etc.

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Student Work:-result matters

Yes, Result matters. If you observe our students work and showreel, you will find our training quality and  the process. We, our instructors, management team ensure you about your learnings and outcome at the highest level and international level of training. and we are proud of our students and their works.

Adena icons pack


Maya Set Design
Atom UI Kit

Nischal Karki

3D Modeling
60 flat icons

Nayan Shrestha

3D Modeling
iPad mockup

Sushan Manandhar

3D Car
Ket singlpage PSD template

Sarose tuitui

Digital Design of future.
Mentum web theme

Amrit Shrestha

Maya Car
Smartphone mockup

Biswas Poudel

Digital Prototype
Sven UI Kit

Mr. Ayam

Creative future ahead..

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Some words about us

At the age of evaluation where technology is touching its limits, Maya Animation Academy Pvt. Ltd. shortly known as (MAYA) is a firm, which contributes to its learning opportunities and expertise in the fields of Creative Graphic Design,3D Animation, Visual Effects(VFX), Film and Game Design focused exclusively on grooming specialists for the animation industry in Nepal and Internationally SINCE 2005.

MAYA ANIMATION ACADEMY(MAYA) believes in quality of training in Creative Graphic Design,3D Animation, Visual Effects(VFX), Film and Game Design with high hopes of delegating and creating quality animators and visual effect specialists in term of Nepalese market or Foreign market which undoubtedly awaits the exploration of unlimited opportunities for the deserving creative youths.

Please find some of our work as below:

Play Animation Reel (pls use full screen mode)

More animation at youtube link

Play Animation Reel (pls use full screen mode)

More animation at youtube link

Meet our team

We are not just a TEAM but the ARMY that is commited to SECURE your career and future in CGI Industry. We are very happy to take care of your education of animation, vfx, multimedia, game etc. Welcome to this wonderful journey of the DIGITAL WORLD.

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Animation is a mix of science art and technology together.

Mr Bhupendra Gurung


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Mr Karun Thapa

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Welcome to the world of Animation..create your own world of fun....

Mr Indra Lal Balami

Founder & Creative Director
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Animation is a mix of science art and technology together.

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Mr Manish Karna

Director- International affairs
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Welcome to the world of Animation..create your own world of fun....

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Director- Finance

Why Choose us?

MAYA  is associated with Autodesk, as Autodesk Authorised Training Center(ATC) to take new high in Media and Entertainment Industry.We boost ourself and students with Workshop / Seminar /Studio Visits /Live projects ETC..... and the best placement records since 2005. We have trainned 1500 students over those period which is good reference for new students.

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