The vision of the Maya Animation Academy is to become a globally recognized animation academy that produces world class animation professionals. The management of the Academy had outlined the following methodology to fulfill the vision

Result Oriented Student WorksGlobally recognized certificationFaculty with industry experience

Teaching methodology

Maya Animation Academy follows an Intuitive Teaching Philosophy that focuses on concepts & techniques so as to lay a strong foundation in technology and execution.

Each course includes classroom learning as also practical implementation. Students get round-the-clock access to labs to practice what was taught in the classroom, to create projects & build their work portfolio. Courses include live projects & regular workshops and seminars conducted by experts from the animation industry.

  • Globally recognized certification
  • Faculty with industry experience
  • Best placement records
  • Academic degree in Partnership with foreign university
  • Own studio for live projects
  • Well equipped Infrastructure

Globally recognized certification

Maya Animation Academy provides the greatest return to students on software investment, faster by Autodesk Certification.

Autodesk certification is a reliable validation of their skills and knowledge, and they can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility. Many ATC courses are accepted by professional associations, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Maya Animation Academy faculties are Autodesk certified, with experience of working in animation studios. Faculty performance is continuously evaluated & they are trained in the latest technology so that their knowledge is constantly upgraded. Intuitive teaching philosophy that focuses on concepts & techniques so as to lay a strong foundation in both, technology and execution.



Maya Animation Academy is Nepal’s first and the only one Autodesk authorized Training center (ATC) for quality training on ME division of Autodesk USA. There are 2200 ATC Centers around the world.

Projects Experience

It has a 3D production division known as Maya Animation Studio (MAS) . which produced 65+ commercial animation projects including international projects.

Graduates to date

More than 1365 students are Graduated from here and 185 students currently are taking training

years of experience

Maya Animation Academy has been one of the best 3D Animation and VFX & Gaming education distributors in the country and serving since last 10 years.

Why Choose us?

We boost ourself and students with Workshop / Seminar /Studio Visits /Live projects ETC..... and the best placement records. .

Our faculty are veteran professionals with experience at the forefront of the industry, boasting credits on the hottest and most well recognized franchises, products and entertainment properties.