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MAYA Animation Academy

MAYA ANIMATION ACADEMY(MAYA) Pvt. Ltd. is established in August 2005 which is registered under Nepal Government as a training organization; with high hopes of delegating and creating quality animators and visual effect specialists in terms of Nepalese market which undoubtedly awaits the exploration of unlimited opportunities for the deserving creative youths. MAYA ANIMATION ACADEMY(MAYA) is only a training company for 3d animation & visual effects, and game design focused exclusively on grooming specialists for the animation Industry

MAYA ANIMATION ACADEMY(MAYA) is located in Premium location of Kathmandu Jamal, Maya Bhawan. Where there are around 120,000 visitors per day in this location. MAYA Animation Academy is shortly known as MAYA. It is one of the leading organizations contributing the learning opportunities of 3D animation and VFX for Advertising,TV, Film and Gaming industry in Nepal..... Read More