Nepal's First animation school

The Maya Animation Academy was established in August of 2005 and is officially registered with the Nepalese Government as an educational organization. It was created with one simple yet ambitiously lofty objective, namely to create the very best animators, digital designers, and visual effect artists for the Nepalese market. This aspiration now extends to embrace the entire world with Maya being laser focused on nurturing and developing highly trained specialists in the fields of 3D animation, visual effects, digital and game design for all aspects of the entertainment, advertising, and communication media industries.

Maya offers a variety of courses that culminate in diplomas, including Computer Animation and Visual Effects, 3D Character Animation, 3D Design, Visual Effects and Game Design, 2D Animation, Visual Editing and Graphics Design. Not only do we impart a high level of education to our students, we also help to groom our charges for career opportunities in virtually every sector of technology related fields. With this in mind, Maya has partnered with various animation studios for internship and earning opportunities for our student body.

We are located in one of the most affluent areas in the heart of Kathmandu, conveniently situated within walking distance of shopping, banks, businesses, entertainment and sight- seeing points of interest. As a premier learning institution, The Maya Animation Academy offers superlative opportunities for students aspiring to become special effects and animation professionals catering to the Advertising, TV, Film, and Gaming Industries in Nepal and around the world.