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May 29, 2016
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3D Character Animation

3d character animation workshop

In this series of Five classes – from Animation Basics to acting and Portfolio – students will learn to develop the artistic and technical skills they need to be successful as a character animator. Working, professional animators provide students with hands-on instruction and valuable industry insights. Graduates of program receive a Certificate of Completion and leave with exciting new shots for their demo reel.

Workshop 1- Animation Basics
You will develop a strong foundation in animation.
Starting from animating your first Bouncing ball, followed by creating a convincing character walk-cycle.
And learn some of the most important principles of animation like, Timing And Spacing.
Basically, here you will learn to Train Your Eyes.

Workshop 2 – Physics in Body Mechanics
Developing  your Observational Skills.
Making use of Video References
Hands-on Body Mechanics exercises like Jump, Weight Shifts etc.
12 Principles of Animation
And do some sophisticated use of the basics.
Creating believable physical movement in your Character.


Workshop 3 – Psychology in Body Mechanics
Hands- on Advance Body Mechanics Push, Pull, Weight Lifts etc
You will dive into more depth of Body Mechanics
And deal with a long animation sequences and introducing  camera movements and cuts to your animation.
Here you will be doing a complete action sequence, like Parkour Actions Sequences.

Workshop 4 – Acting in Animation
Giving life to your character
Concept development for a Pantomime.
Acting it out.
Here you basically develop your own ideas for you acting reel and processes it thorough various stages of animation like, Planning, Blocking and Finalizing your animation.

Workshop 5 – Full Body Acting and Lip-sync
Breathing in more characteristics into your characters.
Focusing on things like, who he is? And what does he want?
You will work on advance acting with dialogues for your characters.
And will be make uses audio files for your lip-sync.

Assignment/Reviews & Critiques:
Your assignment will go through several Reviews from your mentor and Critiques will be given to improve your animation.
Students should strictly take notes and follow the direction of your mentor and do the updates within the time span.

Deadlines for the assignment will be provided and are to be strictly followed.
Delay in submission of your assignment will not be accepted, nor will have any Reviews from mentor.







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