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February 23, 2016
February 23, 2016

Placement Record


MAYA ANIMATION ACADEMY(MAYA) has been proving quality training and producing industry professional in 3d animation and VFX/GAME since its existence. Recently it has made short 3d movie “Jeetha Baa” which is first 3d movie of Nepal. Jeetha Baa is highly appreciated by studios, television, ad Media Company and other general people. “Jeetha Baa” is also highly appreciated by MAAC India, Maya Entertainment Ltd (MEL) studio India and  Nepal. MAYA ANIMATION ACADEMY(MAYA) has contributes in field of education by making 3d Nepali Alphabet for children and teachers.

We are proud to known as a Pioneer in 3D animation in Nepal not just a word but worth as a proof there are now more than 36 officially registered Animation House in Nepal and 80% animators from MAYA ANIMATION ACADEMY(MAYA).This is a remarkable progress because there were not a single animation studio before its establishment. Pls find few placement records of MAYA.

Some of the student’s Placement Records

Name of the Student Company’s Name Designation
1.       Sunil Limbu Incessant Rain Studio 3D Modeler
2.       Roshan Gurung Incessant Rain Studio Texture Artist
3.       Bhisan Rajbhandari Maya Animation Academy Maya studio
4.       Santosh Sigdel Maya Animation Academy Maya studio
5.       Renuka Gurung Incessant Rain Texture Artist
6.       Chandan Dhoj Rana NSET Technical Director
7.       Kiran Raj Thapa Incessant Rain Studio Hair & Fur Artist
8.       Rupesh Kumar Gurung Incessant Rain Studio Modeler
9.       Ravi Dhakal Fluid Studio Compositor
10.   Bikash Man Singh Incessant Rain Studio Character Animator
11.   Kundan Basnet Incessant Rain Studio Technical Director
12.   Nabin Rana Incessant Rain Studio Lighting Artist
13.   Utsav Shrestha Maya Animation Studio Visual/Special effects Artist
14.   Sahara Rana Nepix Studio Animator
15.   Sanjay Singh Incessant Rain Studio Lighting Artist
16.   Ajay Man Shakya Maya Animation Studio Technical Director
17.   Rabindra Maharjan Maya Animation Studio Texture Artist
18.   Radheshyam Pyatha Avenues Television Animator
19.   Pranish Pradhan Incessant Rain Studio Lighting Artist
20.   Deniel Chitrakar Incessant Rain Studio Technical Director
21.   Shree Thapa Incessant Rain Studio Compositor
22.   Gyanu Praba Mainali Nepix Compositor
23.   Gyanendra Maharjan Incessant Rain studio Compositor
24.   Bhintuna Jyapoo Incessant Rain studio Compositor
25.   Ashish Pokhrel Incessant Rain studio Character Animator
26.   Rupendra Shrestha Incessant Rain studio Texture Artist
27.   Dhiraj Kafle Nifty Studio Animator
28.   Anup Giri Maya Aniamtion Academy Faculty
29.   Tashi Tseten   Norden lepcha Nifty Studio Compositor
30.   Sashul Shrestha Maya Animation Studio Story-Board Artist
31.   Manish Gurung Maya Animation Academy Faculty
32.   Ashish Lama Incessant Rain Studio Story-Board Artist
33.   Abin Shahi Incessant Rain Studio 3d Modeler
34.   Ashish Basukalla Maya Animation Studio Lighting & Texture Artist
35.   Narottam Subedi Maya Animation Academy Faculty
36.   Abhinav Singh Dangol Firehouse 3D & Programming
37.   Amitav Nakarmi IRAS  VFx Supervisior
38.   Ashish Gurung IRAS Animator
39.   Bibek Karki IRAS Animator
40.   Bijay Chudal IRAS Animator
41.   Kishor Sunuwar IRAS Animator
42.   Nabin Bagale IRAS VFX
43.   Nabin Chautariya IRAS Lighting Artist
44.   Nippon Shrestha IRAS Animator
45.   Pralad Limbu IRAS Lighting Artist
46.   Prekshya Upadhya IRAS Lighting Artist
47.   Ranjan Shrestha IRAS Rigger
48.   Sabiya Timla IRAS Animator
49.   Sanjaya Chaudhary IRAS Animator
0.   Sardul Krishna Shrestha IRAS Lighting Artist
51.   Sazid Shrestha IRAS Animator
52.   Sonu Raj Bhandari IRAS Animator
53.   Sujan Manandhar IRAS Animator
54.   Susan Shrestha IRAS Animator
55.   Sushan Krishna Manandhar IRAS Texturing artist
56.   Tashi Tsering Sherpa IRAS Animator

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